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Chanel your inner dolphin! The crystal clear turquoise waters of the Turks and Caicos presents an amazing playground for these new waterboard sports that anyone and everyone can enjoy.


The SUBWING is made up of two wings that are mounted together like a span of wings. You can move the wings around, either tilting them toward or away from each other to control the direction you soar under the water in or you can just glide on the surface of the water enjoying the scenic marine route.


More experienced riders can achieve a playful roll by tilting the wings in opposite directions that may result in attracting dolphins to come and play along side you! Regardless of your experience or age, the boat is towing you at a slow speed so this is not only a safe way to explore the underwater world, but it will for sure be one of your most favorite activities on any of our boat trips!

The SUBLUE underwater scooter is our newest addition to our underwater playground. Without any ropes, this scooter allows you the freedom to explore and free dive down to get a closer look at the majestic beauty and life under the water. The scooter can hold a battery life for up to 60 minutes and can go as deep as 130 feet. This scooter is a favorite for both our staff and our customers - don't forget to request the sublue on your next trip!

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