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If you are an adrenaline junkie at all, then this is for you! On all of our trips we offer “cliff jumping” off of the famous and instagram worthy shipwreck La Famille Express.


In 2004, Hurricane Frances dragged this Soviet Oil Rig from the South Dock to the shallow waters of the Caicos Banks where it has been permanently planted since then.The shipwreck offers three different jumping points at various heights based on how daring you want to be. Safety is not an issue as our first mate will escort you onto the rig and show you the ropes, and if you are lucky he will even do a backflip off the boat! 

On our South Shore trips we also cruise over to Split Rock which is a rocky and high peninsula that is literally split in half - hence the name. Here, not only can you see for miles around, but it is the ultimate cliff jumping spot - if you dare!

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