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Glow Worm Sunset Cruise


Approximately 2 Hours
Private Charter: $700 up to 6 people
Then $100 per person up to 8 people

Offered on the third, fourth and fifth night after the full moon each month 

Departure Time: Varies based on the time of year

Add-on to any half day afternoon or full day private charter $500

Every month, for only a few evenings after the full moon, the water of the Caicos Banks illuminate with a display of glowing green flashes of light. This natural phenomenon is caused by the mating ritual of bioluminescent marine worms, Odontosyllis Enopis, most commonly known as “Glow Worms”. This spectacular light show of flashing green lights is visible for about 20 minutes as the females release their eggs to the surface of the water, and the males swim around to fertilize them. This natural phenomenon and mating ritual is tied to the lunar cycle, so if you happen to be visiting around the full moon, this is a unique and breathtaking sunset cruise that you do not want to miss! We serve light hors-d’oeuvres, champagne, wine, beer, rum punch, and water.


Too see a full moon calendar for 2022 please visit 

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