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On the the most southwest point of Providenciales lies a rocky and high peninsula that is literally split in half - hence the name. From the top of split rock you can see for miles around, but the most popular thing to do is to cliff jump from the heights of the rock into the turquoise blue waters below.


What also makes this a popular destination is the open faced cave that invites you to explore. The cave is filled with written inscriptions left by sailors who have been shipwrecked over the years. After you get your fill of adventure, this is an ideal place to relax on the secluded beaches of Pirate’s Cove and Bonefish Beach. Both of these beaches are so remote that not many people frequent the area.


Whether you are interested in getting off the beaten path or a hunt for 200 year old inscriptions left by shipwrecked sailors - the thrill of split rock never disappoints! 

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