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In 1795, a gun battery was constructed on the north end of the island by Loyalist planters to defend against pirates, privateers, the French, and Haitian revolutionaries. After a few years, the British took over the fort. Today canons from these defenses could be seen in the shallow water right off the beach.


Archeological digs and studies that have taken place on Fort George Cay have revealed some fascinating facts about the fort and the cay. It appears that the island has suffered from serious erosion, loosing an estimated 150 feet over the last two hundred years, and that fortifications actually used to stand where the canons are found today in the ocean. Fort George is an uninhabited island that also happens to be a national park and a historical reserve.


Not only is this the most spectacular sand bank you will encounter, but Fort George is best known for its plethora of unique shells and sand dollars. Catch it at low tide or after a storm and the treasures of the sea awaits. 

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